Monday, January 2, 2012

Santorum's Mo

Rick Santorum seems to be the latest GOP candidate to gather spontaneous momentum ahead of the Iowa Caucus. He's running a close third in the latest round of Iowa polling, just behind Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Considering Santorum's run last May, I wrote:
[Santorum's] thinking is philosophically indistinguishable from that of President Obama and most of the rest of the Democratic Party. It boils down to a belief that people should not be free to choose, that we are too stupid or immoral to decide what's best for ourselves, and that we need government to step in to save us. Democrats and Santorumites may have different priorities about how to use government and what particular choices they want the government to make on our behalf, but there is no principled difference between government commanding us to buy health insurance in order to promote universal health care and government proscribing contraception, abortion, or consensual homosexual sex. Either you are for a limited government exercising a finite set of enumerated powers or not, and it is clear to me on which side Santorum falls.
I've neither seen nor heard anything since to change my mind.

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