Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is an accomplished scholar and a rising political star, but she has no place running federal agency.
"Let me put it this way," said Warren on yesterday's call. "I'm saving all the rocks in my pockets for Republicans. And if that's too partisan for you, then shame on me.... We're not here to serve banks. We're not here to serve Wall Street. We're not here," she emphasizes that last bit, "to serve Congress. We're here to serve American families."
Got that?

She wants to throw rocks at Republicans.

Throw rocks. Not thoroughly examine, carefully consider, and judiciously regulate. Throw rocks.

At Republicans. Not irresponsible businesses or predatory lenders. Republicans.

Throw rocks at Republicans, that is, intentionally do damage to her and her party's political opposition backed up by a federal agency with the power to investigate, regulate, and punish.

Any hope she might bring balance to the new consumer protection bureau? Take into account the legitimate needs of businesses? Or at least respond to the duly elected representatives of the people?

Nope. Not here to serve banks, Wall Street, or Congress. Just "American families" however she chooses to define them and their interests.

Elizabeth Warren is many wonderful things, but she is also exactly the sort of partisan busybody who likes to think she knows how to make better choices for other people than they do and is eerily comfortable using the coercive power of government to push the rest of us into making the kinds of choices she likes and punish those who disagree with her. I welcome her departure from the executive branch of government, and I hope folks up in Massachusetts have better sense than to let her loose in the legislative branch.

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