Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bill Maher's Stoopidly Apt NFL Tirade

Last week, Bill Maher went off on a rant comparing the National Football League and Major League Baseball as a metaphor for Democratic and Republican governing philosophies.  In a nutshell, the NFL is good because its "socialist"---the teams share revenues and players work under a salary cap---and MLB is bad because its capitalist---teams share less revenues and there is no salary cap.  This make the NFL more competitive and interesting, and MLB "incredibly boring."  

So, Maher's metaphor for Democratic Party governance is a secretive network of billionaires who collude with one another and the league (government) to set wages of their  largely black and working-class (background-wise, anyway) employees below their market rates (the salary cap), providing nominally extensive health care that does little to actually enhance health (concussions), while providing an over-priced product to the public, stifling competition, and maximizing their collective profits all the while distracting everyone with plenty of bread and circuses.

Sounds about right, actually.

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